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Sincere Thank You Expressed by Widow

The young widow of a police officer who lost his life in the line of duty nine months earlier told members of The Hundred Club, “There are no words that can describe my deepest gratitude to you … The Hundred Club.”
Mrs. Kim Dingwall spoke at the annual dinner meeting October 20. She said that 16 years ago on that date she married George R. Dingwall, a member of the Middletown Police Dept. Sgt. Dingwall died January 28, 2000 from injuries suffered when the cruiser he was driving skidded off Route 9 in Essex and struck several large trees. Sgt. Dingwall was in pursuit of two suspected burglars.

In the aftermath of her husband’s tragic death, Mrs. Dingwall and her two young children faced an uncertain future. In her words, “Then I met Bill Sydenham (the club’s managing director) and he told me about all the wonderful help The Hundred Club would give me and my children.”

Mrs. Dingwall said that the children, Alyssa and Ross, had attended camps the past summer under the club’s program. A computer with access to the Internet provided by the club is “in use every day in our home,” she explained.

Mrs. Dingwall continued, “I could never think of college for the children were it not for The Hundred Club.”

After pausing to regain her emotions, Mrs. Dingwall looked out at the audience and said, “Every day I thank you. You should be proud of all that you do.”

As she left the podium, Mrs. Dingwall was given a standing ovation.