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President’s Message

Paul Fitzgerald

As a Police Officer for many years, I often worried about who was taking care of the families of fallen Officers.  Who was remembering the families the many years after their loved one’s death?

I found that it was The Hundred Club of Connecticut that remembered every family, every year.

The “Club with a Heart” has a good memory.  The Club has, for more than 50 years, provided assistance to each family of a Firefighter, Police Officer and Correction Officer that has suffered a death or catastrophic loss.  The Club remembers birthdays, holidays, and the college years for these families year after year.  There is no such organization in Connecticut whose sole purpose is to remember and provide for these families like we do.

I would like to thank each member of The Hundred Club for their contributions and efforts to achieve and maintain our goals.  I also would encourage each potential member to join because there is no greater joy than to remember and assist the families of those that gave their all!

As President of The Hundred Club, I ask you to join me in remembering and helping these special families.

Paul Fitzgerald