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President’s Message


It is truly an honor and privilege to serve as the President of the Hundred Club of Connecticut. I truly believe that “The Club with a Heart”, is one of the finest organizations in existence in the great State of Connecticut. I have always believed that the personnel that serve as police officers, firefighters and corrections officers are very special people. They have chose not only a unique career but also have chosen a special vocation to serve others.

The personnel who take on these very dangerous occupations do so, knowing that there will be times when their own safety will be at risk and despite this, they continue to perform their heroic tasks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, night and day in an effort to make our communities a safer place to live, work and raise our families. Currently the Hundred Club is serving over one hundred families of corrections officers, firefighters and law enforcement officers who have died while serving their respective communities in Connecticut.

I know that the entire membership of the Hundred Club is very proud of these brave men and women and we have committed ourselves to make sure that if need be, we will be there, for their families should something happen to them.

The Managing Director of the Hundred Club is in contact with all of the families at least four times a year to make sure that the surviving members of the family are being taken care of. “The Club with a Heart” provides each family with a generous gift at Christmas, a turkey at Thanksgiving, and a special gift on both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In addition, we offer the Anthony Ustjanauskas Memorial Scholarship to both the children and spouses of the fallen heroes to help fund their college education. We also provide an immediate death benefit of $10,000 to the family to help with any immediate financial difficulties that they will encounter. For the children of the fallen we have a Summer Camp Fund that will allow them to go to a summer camp for up to 4 weeks until they are 18 years of age. We also provide a birthday gift of $100 every year through the age of 18.

Most importantly we are with these families forever, and will continue to help the survivors as best we can.

Just as the many Presidents of the Hundred Club, before me have done, I will do my very best to work with the Board of Directors, the Managing Director and Staff to serve the families of the fallen heroes who have made the supreme sacrifice in protecting all of us.

James "Skip" Thomas