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Hoffman Group Makes Grant

Second Award Brings Hundred Club $38,000

The Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc., has awarded The Hundred Club a $38,000 grant. The foundation is a non-profit organization with offices in West Hartford.

This is the second time the foundation has recognized the humanitarian works of the club. In 1997 it provided the club with $50,000.

Foundation President Doris C. Chaho said the latest award is to help defray expenses related to necessary repairs and improvements at the club's headquarters in Glastonbury.

Mrs. Chaho and her husband, Dr. Bahij Chaho, vice president of the foundation, presented the check to immediate past President Peter H. Guerra and current President David G. Thornton. The application for the grant was prepared by Managing Director William E. Sydenham, Jr. and Mr. Guerra during the latter's presidency.

Dr. and Mrs. Chaho told Messrs. Guerra, Thornton and Sydenham that they and other foundation officials realize that The Hundred Club quietly fulfills its self-imposed mission. In its 31 years of existence the club has distributed more than $6 million to families of law enforcers, firefighters and correction officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc., was founded by Marion O. Hoffman, wife of Maximilian E. Hoffman, and sister of Doris C. Chaho in 1983.

Mr. Hoffman was one of the first distributors of foreign automobiles in the United States. He died in 1981 and Mrs. Hoffman passed away in 1983. Mrs. Chaho became president of the Hoffman Foundation following the death of her sister.

The foundation has distributed grants in the areas of medicine, education, the arts and to various charitable organizations in Connecticut and throughout the country. The principal focus of its philanthropy has been worthy activities in Connecticut.

Lt. Gov. (Ret.) Joseph J. Fauliso, an Honorary Life Member of The Hundred Club, has kept foundation officials aware of the club's humanitarian activities.