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Fallen Heroes

Officer Harvey R. Young, Hartford Police Department, August 25
Officer Louis P. Rienzo, New Haven Police Department, October 11
Lieutenant James Dillon, New Haven Fire Department, December 6
Fireman Charles E. Rush, Danbury Volunteer Fire Department, December 22

Firefighter/Drill Master John G. Turner, Ellington Volunteer Fire Department, January 21
Fireman Marshall Slavkin, Hartford Fire Department, January 29
Fireman Henry J. Gabianelli, Derby Volunteer Fire Department, November 22
Officer Joseph O’Brien, Windsor Locks Police Department, December 24

Trooper John H. Darby, Connecticut State Police, January 11
Officer Joseph Conforto, New Britain Police Department, January 20
Officer James H. Hankins, Bloomfield Police Department, January 21
Fireman Donald W. Lawton, Middlefield Volunteer Fire Department, March 1
Fireman Michael B. Mele, Wethersfield Fire Department, March 10
Officer Joseph Dapkin, New Haven Police Department, March 21
Officer Francis X. Fenton, Hartford Police Department, March 28
Fireman Joseph Kuba, Danbury Volunteer Fire Department, May 2
Trooper William Barrows, Connecticut State Police, May 4
Captain James P. Gallagher, Watertown Volunteer Fire Department, May 6
Officer Arthur Salthause, Bridgeport Police Department, October 12
Sergeant Palmer Jacques, Connecticut State Police, November 30

Officer Anthony Gustinello, New Haven Police Department, January 14
Officer Frank T. Hawley, New Haven Police Department, January 31
Fireman Robert Siksay, Bridgeport Fire Department, March 10
Fireman Curtis A. Kelley, Jr., Hartford Fire Department, May 28

Assistant Chief George C. Butz, Nichols Fire Department, May 14
Captain Robert Young, Bristol Fire Department, May 17
Fireman Peter Bellucci, West Haven Fire Department, May 26
Sergeant Joseph LaForce, Jewett City Police Department, June 6
Sergeant Nicholas Fera, Norwalk Police Department, July 9
Lieutenant Harry Lattanzi, Bridgeport Fire Department, November 26

Fireman Thomas S. Kingston, Derby Volunteer Fire Department, January 3
Fireman Arthur Newton, Kent Volunteer Fire Department, September 26
Fireman Charles S. Horner, Stamford Fire Department, October 27
Cpl. Bernard J. Conlon, Derby, Connecticut State Police, December 31

Fireman Henry P. Crawford, III, Greenwich Fire Department, March 6
Fireman Laurence W. Freiheit, 59, Manchester Fire Department, March 9
Fireman William Keogh, Bridgeport Fire Department, April 19
Sergeant Frank Pisch, Connecticut State Police, June 24
Fireman Henry Wozniak, Stamford Fire Department, July 1
Fireman Edward F. Walsh, Hartford Fire Department, August 6
Detective Richard R. Brown, New London Police Department, September 9
Patrolman Arthur V. Stevens, West Haven Police Department, September 10
Fireman Edgar A. Brunette, Milford Volunteer Fire Department, October 27
Chief Stephen J. Sauter, Newtown Fire Department, October 31
Fireman Robert J. Walker, Rocky Hill Fire Department, November 4
Lieutenant Francis E. Dwyer, Enfield Fire Department, December 6
Sergeant Nelson B. Hurlburt, Connecticut State Police, December 11
Detective Alexander M. Beatty, New Britain Police Department, December 11
Officer William McNamara, Stamford Police Department, December 19

Detective Sergeant Thomas Tuccio, Ansonia Police Department, February 8
Chief Charles R. McRedmond, Stamford Fire Department, February 28
Officer Lloyd M. Kozenieski, Woodbury Police Department, May 7
Detective Walter Kintop, Trumbull Police Department, July 6
Officer John Nolan, Jr., New Britain Police Department, August 1
Fireman Frank Clay, Mystic Volunteer Fire Department, August 6
Fireman Thomas A. Fischer, Hartford Fire Department, September 15
Fireman John D. Mitchell, New Haven Fire Department, October 7
Fireman Bernard Connery, New Britain Fire Department, October 9
Auxiliary Trooper Gaetan Michaud, Connecticut State Police, October 27
Special Officer John Montabana, Trumbull Police Department, November 2
Inspector Carlton J. Johnston, Waterbury Fire Department, November 5
Lieutenant Joseph J. Hines, West Haven Fire Department, November 10
Fireman Fred S. Burdick, Oneco Fire Department, December 9
Deputy Chief William Harmacy, Groton Fire Department, December 11

Fireman Thomas C. Harvey, Jr., New Haven Fire Department, February 5
Fireman Dominick N. Moschini, Sr., Plainville Fire Department, May 24
Fireman John S. Wilczynski, Bridgeport Fire Department, August 29
Fireman William H. Grove 3rd, Cheshire Fire Department, December 17

Trooper Carl Moller, Connecticut State Police, February 13
Chief Patrick Cormier, Willimantic Fire Department, August 20
Officer Steven D. Michalko, Danbury Police Department, November 11

Fireman Robert D. McLean, New Haven Fire Department, January 27
Fireman John D. Leonard, Hartford Fire Department, January 27
Fireman Charles Rau, Middletown Fire Department, January 30
Fireman Marion E. Robinson, New Haven Fire Department, July 4
Lieutenant William H. Peck, Jr., Southington Fire Department, July 16
Patrolman John F. Daley, Hartford Police Department, July 29
Officer Robert Holcomb, Plainville Police Department, November 21

Fireman Harold J. Conley, Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department, January 3
Officer Frank Bruno, Jr., Madison Police Department, March 27
Patrolman Edward Duff, Jr., Greenwich Police Department, May 13
Lieutenant Norman Allard, New Britain Police Department, August 16
Fireman Henry M. Davis, Old Saybrook Volunteer Fire Department, August 24
Fireman John P. Harbut, Hartford Fire Department, September 21
Fireman Nicholas Auriemma, Bridgeport Fire Department, November 9
Patrolman Raymond C. Bombardier, Middletown Police Department, November 16
Fireman Richard C. Maynard, Wilson Fire Department, December 28

Detective Edward T. Cody, Hartford Police Department, April 16
Chief Edward C. Tiano, Darien Volunteer Fire Department, June 11
First Assistant Chief Rene Cormier, Westbrook Volunteer Fire Department, July 16
Lieutenant Nicholas Soltis, Bridgeport Police Department, July 27
Fireman Robert H. Wolf, South Kensington Fire Department, August 6
Officer Anthony Randasize, Ansonia Police Department, October 7
Lieutenant Francis R. Foley, New Haven Fire Department, October 13
Captain Edward T. Donellan, Norwalk Police Department, October 22
Assistant Fire Chief Henry G. Thomas, Jr., Hartford Fire Department, November 26
Fireman Wilbur Wheeler, Beacon Hills Hose Company 1, December 31

Sergeant Harry V. Baker, Sr., Waterford Police Department, January 4
Lieutenant Anthony P. Tognalli, Torrington Fire Department, February 10
Fireman Francis J. Ennis, Jr., Manchester Fire Department, March 30
Battalion Chief Harold Collins, East Haven Fire Department, April 6
Patrolman Timothy W. Laffin, North Haven Police Department, May 29
Sergeant John R. Marshall, Vernon Police Department, June 13
Fireman Carl Dornfried, New Britain Fire Department, October 14
Fireman James A. DeVico, Milford Fire Department, October 25
Fireman David T. Nissen, Vernon Fire Department, October 28
Patrolman Gerald DiJoseph, Bridgeport Police Department, November 29

Captain Alan A. Yuknat, Connecticut State Police, January 8
Deputy Fire Chief William J. Kenny, Hartford Fire Department, February 9
Officer Brian L. Fitzpatrick, Stamford Police Department, February 27
Constable Thomas Jahelka, Town of East Haddam, April 17
Captain Thomas J. Garrahy, Rocky Hill Fire Department, May 29
Officer Kenneth E. Bateman, Jr., Darien Police Department, May 31
Patrolman Walter F. Sobczyk, Waterford Police Department, August 17
Officer Robert F. Stankye, Sr., Orange Police Department, September 3
Lieutenant Ernest B. Osborne, Canaan Fire Department, October 5
Captain Allan J. Turner, New Haven Fire Department, October 9
Patrolman Jack Schmidt, New Fairfield Police Department, October 30
Lieutenant Richard F. Kelleher, Simsbury Volunteer Fire Department, November 6
Fireman Fred Letsch, Fairfield Fire Department, November 7
Assistant Chief Francis G. Casale, Southington Fire Department, November 22

Officer Marco Carias, Norwalk Police Department, March 13
Fireman Joseph Halas, Danbury Fire Department, February 23
Lieutenant  Martin R. Melody, Danbury Fire Department, Feb. 23
Captain Francis D. Federici, Bridgeport Fire Department, March 3
Officer Donald E. Deep, Hartford Police Department, March 18
Lieutenant Arthur E. Mattson, Mohegan Fire Department, April 15
Fireman Henry J. Savage, New Haven Fire Department, April 28
Fireman Thomas Lovett, Lakeville Hose Company, July 23
Captain Joseph Mugovero, New London Police Department, August 18
Patrolman Robert E. Moulthrop, Winsted Police Department, October 28
Patrolman John T. Beaupre, Monroe Police Department, December 2
Lieutenant Thomas F. Carney, Connecticut State Police, December 6

Captain Albert McGovern, Bridgeport Fire Department, March 21
Patrolman Grade 1, John L. Luzzi, New Haven Police Department, April 8
Captain Arleigh M. Christensen, East Hartford Fire Department, May 23
Patrolman Gregory P. Kuczynski, Woodbridge Police Department, May 30
Trooper First Class Allan J. Tuskowski, Connecticut State Police, June 2
Sergeant Harold H. Neville, Connecticut State Police, June 20
Sergeant Joseph A. Pucci, Stamford Police Department, September 1
Commissioner John Manson, Connecticut Department of Correction, September 17
Patrolman David E. Sherwood, East Hartford Police Department, October 31
Lieutenant Roger A. Cheverier, Connecticut Department of Correction, November 18
Patrolman Albert F. Crosley, Westport Police Department, December 3
Warden Carl Robinson, Connecticut Department of Correction, December 17

Battalion Chief Leonard S. Guerrera, New Haven Fire Department, January 16
Captain Anthony L. Conforte, New Haven Fire Department, January 19
Deputy Fire Marshal Francis E. Burns, East Hartford Fire Department, January 27
Correction Officer Ronald Ciccone, Connecticut Department of Correction, October 12
Fireman Roger F. Sullivan, Southington Fire Department, October 17

Patrolman Jeffrey G. Casner, Berlin Police Department, February 2
Lieutenant Russell H. Jones, Jr., Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department, April 1
Sergeant Robert E. Arnold, Sr., North Haven Police Department, April 21
Fireman Michael J. Piazza, Wallingford Fire Department, December 21

Trooper 1st. Class James H. Savage, Connecticut State Police, January 22
Fireman George A. Kelly, Wallingford Fire Department, April 20
Fireman Richard N. Vallillo, Waterbury Fire Department, May 2
Chief Joseph A. Daddona, Beacon Hose Company No. 1, August 31
Fireman Richard L. Tomlinson, West Haven Fire Department, October 18
Lieutenant William M. Hathaway, Bridgeport Fire Department, November 11

Detective Paul L. Trotochaud, Connecticut State Police, January 2
Firefighter John A. Bertolini, Haddam Volunteer Fire Department, February 15
Firefighter George Charak, Stratford Fire Department, March 14
Captain Ralph Michael Rubba, Connecticut Department of Correction, March 27
Patrolman Daniel Scott Wasson, Milford Police Department, April 12
First Lieutenant A. Arthur Vincent, Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department, July 12
Officer Nelson J. Belliveau, Bloomfield Police Department, September 3
Correction Officer Richard A. LaPerle, Connecticut Department of Correction, November 12

Firefighter George A. Ganung, Southend Volunteer Fire Department, New Hartford, January 1
Detective Wayne S. Dolinski, Westport Police Department, Westport, September 29
Trooper Jorge Agosto, Connecticut State Police, November 22
Firefighter Russell W. Musante, Sr., Mystic Fire Department, December 5
Officer August C. Tamburri, Stamford Police Department, December 14

Lieutenant Gary M. Passaro, Tolland Fire Department, January 18
Trooper First Class Alonzo Lester, Jr., Connecticut State Police, January 24
Firefighter Howard A. Hughes, Waterbury Fire Department, May 10
Firefighter Heriberto T. Rivera, Waterbury Fire Department, May 10

Firefighter Daniel E. Wannagot, Shelton Fire Department, March 15
Officer Nancy E. Nichols, Naugatuck Police Department, March 17
Firefighter Ronald C. Altieri, Hamden Fire Department, May 2
Firefighter Michael Moriarty, Canterbury Volunteer Fire Department, May 28
Trooper Russell Bagshaw, Connecticut State Police, June 5
Patrolman James Anthony Martin, New Canaan Police Department, July 24
Chief Robert A. Cole, Beacon Hose Co. #1 Fire Department, December 21

Firefighter Robert S. Heide, Sr., Plainfield Volunteer Fire Company #1, June 20
Auxiliary Trooper Edward W. Truelove, Connecticut State Police, November 13
Firefighter Walter R, Burns Jr., West Haven Fire Department, August 24
Patrolman Walter T. Williams, Waterbury Police Department, December 18

Firefighter John M. O’Connor, New London Fire Department, February 1
Captain George Blanusa, Branford Fire Department, March 10

Patrolman William J. Snyder, City of Groton Police Department, January 16
Firefighter Dennis R. Lemery, Dayville Fire Department, January 17
Firefighter Mark L. Mitchell, Pawcatuck Fire Department, March 2
Auxiliary Trooper Philip A. Mingione, Connecticut State Police, May 25
Captain Dennis F. Cooney, Danbury Police Department, September 12
Lieutenant James A. Garratt, Hartford Police Department, December 4

Lieutenant Edward P. Pitcher, Jr., Sharon Volunteer Fire Department, July 15

Firefighter Adrian Boisfeuillet, Stamford Fire Department, February 26
Officer Thomas B. Toohey, Hartford Police Department, May 15
Firefighter Edward F. Ramos, Branford Fire Department, November 28
Captain Craig M. Arnone, Somers Fire Department, December 8

Trooper First Class Alan R. Meckel, Connecticut State Police, February 24
Patrol Officer Vincent R. T. Arduini, Granby Police Department, May 4
Officer Bruce Hanley, Waterbury Police Department, December 13
Officer James Mattioli, Shelton Police Department, December 16

Officer Brian A. Aselton, East Hartford Police Department, January 23
Firefighter Walter J. Flyntz, Bridgeport Fire Department, March 18

Sergeant George R. Dingwall, Middletown Police Department, January 28
Lieutenant Steve R. Kacmarcik, Torrington Fire Department, June 25
Captain Whitney C. Teehan, Eastern Point Volunteer Fire Co. #2 (Groton, CT), June 25
Chief Michael J. Kelly, West Haven Police Department, November 12

Firefighter Richard A. Cusson, South Killingly Fire Department, June 30
Firefighter Patrick L. Brooks, West Hartford Fire Department, November 12
Chief Bruce Steven Fletcher, Ashford Volunteer Fire Department, November 18

Officer Joseph N. Sachatello, Montville Police Department, January 23
Deputy Chief Donald Maurice, Wolcott Fire Department, April 8
Firefighter Peter D. Busch, Stamford Fire Department, May 21
Lt. Edmund H. Kureczka, Hartford Fire Department, Nov. 16
Asst. Chief Kenneth J. Jeffrey, U.S. Navy Sub. Base Fire Department, Dec. 31

Firefighter Robert L. Griffin, Prospect Volunteer Fire Department, March 13
Master Police Officer Peter J. Lavery, Newington Police Department, December 31

Firefighter Justin M Wisniewski, Southington Fire Department, April 3

Chief Christopher Loudon, Cheshire Police Department, February 27
Officer Daniel P. Picagli, New Haven Police Department, October 21
Capt. Joseph S. Pagano, Jr., Middletown Fire Department, November 3

Officer Robert V. Fumiatti, New Haven Police Department, January 10
Capt. John F. Keane, Waterbury Fire Department, May 22
Capt. Patrick P. Reeves, Manchester Police Department, July 29

Sgt. Dario Scott Aponte, New Haven Police Department, Sept. 10
Warden Robin H. Sutherland, Connecticut Department Of Correction, November 29

Firefighter/EMT Charles D. Myshrall, North Coventry Fire Department, February 26

Past Assistant Chief Kevin L. Swan, Beacon Hose Co. No.1, March 10
Patrolman Donald J. Hassiak, II, Danbury Police Department, June 3
Sgt. Orville R. Smith, Jr., Shelton Police Department, July 7
Firefighter Michel Baik, Bridgeport Fire Department, July 24
Lt. Steven Velasquez, Bridgeport Fire Department, July 24
Trooper First Class Kenneth R. Hall, Connecticut State Police, September 2
Lieutenant Bruce M. Bachinsky, Waterbury Fire Department, October 26

Firefighter Robert Dean Watts, Windsor Volunteer Fire Department, April 18

Detective Andrew F. Faggio, New Haven Police Department, January 11
Lieutenant George M. Sanford, Redding Volunteer Fire Department, April 15
Firefighter Russell F. Neary, Easton Volunteer Fire Department, October 29

Deputy Chief David P. Fiori, New Britain Fire Department, May 25
Firefighter Kevin Lamont Bell, Hartford Fire Department, October 7


Trooper First Class Kevin M. Miller, Connecticut State Police, March 29

Trooper First Class Walter Greene Jr., Connecticut State Police, May 1


Firefighter James C. Woodman, West haven Fire Dept., March 29

Fire Lieut. Douglas A. Knowlton, Marlborough Fire Dept, April 1


Trooper First Class Eugene K. Baron Jr., Connecticut State Police, May 25