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Club Increases Aid to Widows, Children

Continuing to increase its financial assistance to families, The Hundred Club has raised the annual Christmas contribution to widows to $750 and for each child under age 19 the gift will be $200, President James J. Dolan announced. Previously the donations were $550 and $150. The initial death benefit, effective Jan. 1, 2001, is $10,000. This figure reflects an increase of $2,500 approved by the Board of Directors last year.

Last Christmas, according to Mr. Dolan, the club distributed $76,550 to families of law enforcers, firefighters and correction officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. The recipients were 134 widows and 19 children.

For Thanksgiving, the club spent $11,715 as it provided 134 families with turkeys for their holiday meal.

During the past year the club, through its newest program, provided 29 students with computer systems with access to the Internet. Students age seven and older are eligible to receive a computer.

The club’s scholarship program makes available up to $25,000 for students who choose to further their education in colleges, vocational or technical schools. Since the inauguration of this program in 1974 the club has expended $3,405,315. At the outset, recipients received between $1,000 and $1,500 annually.

The club offers four weeks of summer camp for every child between the ages five and 16 under its wing. Children up to and including age 18 receive a $200 U. S. Savings Bond on their birthday. Widows are remembered on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day with a box of fudge.

Since its founding in 1967, The Hundred Club has eased the burden on families who lost their main providers by contributing more than $6 million to them.