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Club Has Assisted Families Since ’67

The Hundred Club has given approximately $6.7 million to families of law enforcers, firefighters and correction officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. With the recent death of Montville Police Officer Joseph N. Sachatello, the club’s roster of “Fallen Heroes” rose to 213.
Of the $6.7 million distributed by the club, $3,818,975 has been expended through the scholarship program. This project was launched in 1974. The first recipients received between $1,000 and $1,500 per year to help defray the cost of their education. Currently, the club is providing up to $25,000 per year per student. At present, there are 16 students attending colleges. Participants in the program can also further their education in vocational and technical schools. All students must maintain good academic standings.

The financial assistance to students was raised from $15,000 per year to $25,000 per year in 2001. At the same time, the Board of Directors increased the initial death benefit from $7,500 to $10,000. In 1967, the year the club was founded by the late Anthony Ustanauskas, a Hartford businessman, the club gave the families of a “Fallen Hero” $1,000.

During the past year the club continued its holiday remembrance programs: 128 spouses and 16 children received checks at Christmas with the club expending $99,200; at Thanksgiving 129 food baskets costing $11,589 were provided; widows also received gifts on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day; 16 children received a U.S. Government Bond on their birthday and three attended summer camp. The club has 30 computer systems with access to the Internet in place. The computer program was started in 2000 to assist students in elementary schools, high schools and colleges.

When Mr. Ustanauskas founded the club 36 years ago the annual dues were set at $250. The dues have remained the same throughout the history of the club. Managing Director William E. Sydenham, Jr. said there are openings for new members. Interested parties should contact him at headquarters in Glastonbury.