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Club Dispenses $7.3 Million “Heroes” Families Receive Benefits

The Hundred Club has provided $7,340,099 in benefits to families of law enforcers, firefighters and correction officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Since the founding of the club in 1967, it has assisted the widows and children of its 218 “Fallen Heroes.” The payments are grants with no conditions attached.

Of the $7.3 million, $330,480 was paid out during 2004. The cost of the scholarship program was $116,684. There were 15 students taking part. Participants can further their education in technical schools as well as colleges.

In another education program, the club installed three computers and provided access to the Internet for 22 students at a cost of $8,455. Students seven years old and older are eligible to participate. Since the club first made computers available in 2000, $90,655 has been spent on the program.

During the past year the club continued its holiday and birthday remembrance programs; 131 widows and 21 children received checks at Christmas at a cost of $102,450; at Thanksgiving the food baskets cost $11,823 and the gifts for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day cost $6,228.

Twenty children received a U.S. Savings Bond on their birthday. At maturity each bond will be worth $200. The expenditure was $2,000. The club also underwrote the expenses for four youths who attended camp. The cost was $4,454.

Through the years the club’s officers and directors have increased the benefits. The original payment following a line-of duty death was $1,000. Currently it is $10,000. The scholarship program, started in 1970, provided a recipient with between $1,000 and $1,500 per school year. At present, students can receive up to $25,000 per school year in education-related expenses.

The club was founded in 1967 by the late Anthony Ustjanauskas, a Hartford business man, following the tragic death of Officer Harvey R. Young of the Hartford Police Dept.

Membership dues were set at $250 per year in 1967 and have not changed. There are openings for a limited number of new members. Interested parties should contact Managing Director William E. Sydenham, Jr. at headquarters in Glastonbury.