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About the Founder

Anthony Ustjanauskas Founder, The Hundred Club of Connecticut 1967 Anthony Ustjanauskas Founder of The Hundred Club of Connecticut 

Anthony Ustjanauskas came to America in 1950 and settled in Hartford, Connecticut. "Mr.A", as he was known, and his wife Ada owned and operated International Supermarkets on Park Street and Franklin Avenue.

"Mr. A" and Ada, widely known humanitarians, after reading an inspiring account of the Hundred Club movement in a national magazine, began this organization in July of 1967. In August, less than a month later, while Mr. Ustjanauskas was in the process of organizing the "Club with a Heart", Hartford Police Officer Harvey Young was gunned down on a rain-swept street by a criminal suspect he was trying to arrest.

Mr. Ustjanauskas presented Officer Young’s widow with The Hundred Club’s first line-of-duty death payment. "Mr. A" paid the $1,000 out of his own pocket because the club had yet to enroll its first dues paying member.

Although Anthony Ustjanauskas was fatally stricken with a heart attack on August 25, 1972 at the age of 57, his efforts established a solid foundation for a truly altruistic organization. It is a tribute that these many years later, the club has grown to be the most unique and prestigious organization of its kind in the nation and has been steadfast in maintaining his vision.

The Board of Directors, in recognition of this remarkable man’s contribution, voted to name the Hundred Club Scholarship Program in his memory and named Ada Ustjanauskas as a life member of the organization.